Dvash Kosher Catering is owned and operated in New Orleans by Linda Waknin .


Growing up in a multi-generational household of great cooks, Linda soon learned that there is no substitute for fresh ingredients and careful preparation. 


I am passionate about Moroccan roots and cuisine and I love sharing my cooking and cultural heritage. I feel that cooking is a way to explore and connect different cultures and I love doing it by putting my own twist into classic dishes. 


I grew up in Nahariya, Israel and food was always the main focus in my family. My mother always filled our kitchen with Moroccan dishes and did her best to bring our culture to my siblings and I.


I moved to New Orleans, La in 1980, only to realize that my interest in cooking was a real desire. In 1996 my desire led me to my career as a chef and the opening of Casablanca Restaurant. After 21 years of a successful restaurant and catering business I believed that I was ready to take a step back and retire. 


Well, I was wrong! Now four years later I am back with Dvash Kosher Catering with a fresh and creative new direction.

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